Wine Vlogs

Story telling with the theme of wine, in vlog format! A vlog is a blog, but with the content primarily in video format. I prefer to use a three-act structure to tell an entertaining story each week about life and wine near my home town on the island of Cyprus in the mediterranean.

Each link below leads to one of the Wine Video transcript pages, where you can choose to either read about the topic or watch the embedded WineScribble YouTube video. Enjoy!

New Year’s Resolutions for WineScribble. In this video WineScribble shares how she wants to explore more Cyprus Wine Routes and find out more about the terroir of the Limassol and Paphos Wine Regions. Also, a little bit of history about the Roman god Janus, the god of doorways. And, a confession about her camera work. Another fun video! Enjoy the presentation.
Shopping for gifts can be challenging. I wonder if some mulled wine can help the process? A white wine is used in the mulled wine recipe in this video, as the mulled wine is created before your very eyes! Also, dessert wine and chocolate truffles. And the making of the chocolate truffles. Enjoy the WineScribble Christmas Video for 2018!
WineScribble argues that wine memories are better than using technology to store your moments! Sure, hard disks and online picture storage such as Instagram allow us to archive memories, but these memories are limited. For the full recall we need the olfactory experience that wine memories bring. Also, watch in awe as WineScribble make her first ever unboxing video. And teaches us how to take a picture for Instagram. Enjoy the show!
Comparing Commadaria St John and Commandaria Alasia to Tsiakkas Winery Commandaria. The Tsiakkas Commandaria is a very unusual Cyprus Commandaria, it is golden in colour and has a very delicate aroma. To find out more about this drink, WineScribble goes on a visit to the Tsiakkas Winery tasting room to meet her friend Orestis Tsiakkas and ask some questions about Commandaria Wine. What is involved in making Commandaria Wine? How do the wine makers measure the sugar and alcohol levels? All of the questions are answered.
Chaos theory and merlot chocolate cake? A wine vlog about Vineyard Terroir and the chaos of winemaking. The vlog takes an unexpected turn when the preparations of a Merlot Chocolate Cake becomes slightly chaotic. Find out more about wine terroir, and enjoy the presentation!
Wine Choices and Wine Calories. A wine vlog about options and opportunity cost. With information about the calories in wine and alcohol nutritional labels. Find out more about the calories in wine, and enjoy the presentation!
Know how to order wine in a restaurant? Annabelle is asked to meet her friend and offer some guidance on the process. But, in true WineScribble style, the wine story gets very exciting. Find out about the wine selection, the restaurant table service, what to do when you are given the cork, and how to test for wine flaws in the restaurant. Also, what should you actually do with that first small pour? The first smell and sip in the restaurant can make all the difference to your wine tasting experience. Find out how to taste wine in a restaurant, and enjoy the presentation!
Sparkling Wine Cocktails! In this video WineScribble shows 3 easy sparkling wine cocktail recipes, including the classic Mimosa (which is a prosecco and orange juice cocktail), and the legendary Bellini cocktail (which is a prosecco cocktail with peach). These easy cocktails recipes are equally good with any sparkling wine and for any season including summer! However, in true WineScribble style, the trip to the wine shop to buy the Prosecco turns into an epic adventure. Will WineScribble manage to get to the party in time?
How to choose wine? We get asked all the time on Social Media ‘How do you choose a bottle of wine’, so in this video WineScribble shares her secret wine tips on making a decision on a bottle shape and also a bottle label. The wine manufacturer has embedded clues for you in their choice of wine bottle shapes and also in their wine label design.
Travel to Chania in Crete and walking around the markets and the old port. Also, looking for Douloufakis Dafnios wine from a local Cretan wine producer. But, it cannot be found anywhere! Where is the Greek Wine?