Wine Recommendations for Lamb at Oinotria Wine Cellar

Easter Lamb Wine Pairing at Oinotria Wine Cellar

WineScribble visits Oinotria Wine Cellar in Nicosia to put them to the test! Can they handle the wine and food pairing challenge? Let’s spin the wheel!

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Video Transcript

Hello! How are you? I’m fine!

Τasters, I’m at the Oinotria Wine Cellar with Savvas Savva. I have come here to buy some wine!

But, I’m not going to make it easy for him! We’re feeling playful, so I’m going to give you a challenge! I’m in big trouble, I think.

Playing Games at Oinotira Wine Cellar

Ever wondered what it’s like to play Twister with wine? That’s not what this video is about! Let me show you what we’re going to do! This is my Wine Occasion Clock Game. I’ve not patented it yet. So, what we’re gonna do we’re going to spin the wheel and then, whatever occasion comes up, Savvas will have to help me pick a wine! Okay guys! Let’s find out what our occasion is!

Easter lamb roast! Well that’s gonna be useful! Easter is in less than two weeks. Let’s put Savvas to the test!

So, it’s easy to choose wine when money is no object, right? Your budget this here just pull one. Excellent! So, what you have to do now is find me a wine that will pair well with Easter lamb roast. And it needs to cost less than 20 euro. Can you do that?

Oh! Savvas is looking at the Greek wine shelf. I am so excited – I wonder what he’ll pick!

Lion Agiorgitiko from Giannikos Winery

What did you choose? We have Agiorgitiko from Giannikos Winery, from Greece, Peloponnese. 100% Agiorgitiko. Silver medal in competition for 2018. I’ve not tasted it yet, but I am actually quite excited. So, why do you think this would work so well with Easter lamb?

Agiorgitiko with the lamb enhances its flavours and its aromas. This is an excellent choice. Lamb is a traditional Greek meal so Greek is I think is the best choice.

A Greek grape, fantastic! Yes! And I think the spiciness in this wine is really good with with lamb. It’s not just berries, which is quite common in red wine, but you have all these aromas of nutmeg and a little bit of cinnamon and spiciness, and I think that’s gonna work really, really well. And this is less than 20 euro? Mm-hmm. Amazing! I love it.

Tasting Wine at Oinotira Wine Cellar

Savva I think you picked the perfect wine! This is just acidic enough to go really, really well with food. Also, light and fruity. Perfect for springtime! I love the spiciness, it’s so good with lamb. I mean, I can’t wait!

Yes, I also, I agree I think it fits really well with lamb. It has the amount of volume that you need to have a bite, something to eat.

The Nemea Lion

Giannikos Winery is a really big winery, and very well-respected. And I think some of their vines, they go back to more of 100 years ago. I think this one. for specific, um comes from a single vineyard in Nemea. That is why also the lion, is from the mythology of… Hercules?

All right! Yes! Because in Greek mythology Hercules had to kill a lion that was terrorising the, the people of Nemea. He triumphed over this lion, and this wine is also a triumph!

Oinotria Wine for Easter Lamb

I think it’s important with lamb especially, because okay, the general rule is that red meat goes with red wine but I think lamb is a little bit tricky because it’s quite a fatty meat and you really need something with enough acidity to cut through all that fattiness. This level of, of acidity is perfect, I believe.

Yes, I agree with you.

Giannikos Winery Backstory

I remember when I was 17 back in 1996… Stop doing Maths, Tasters!… And I remember it was in the news that Giannikos Winery burned down, and they had to rebuild everything so you have a unique combination of old vines, but a very modern winery.

A modern way, yes. Most of his wines are organic.

And I believe Giannikos is one of the few that is fully certified. Mmm-hmm. I think so.

Oinotria Wine Tastings and Events

You basically have every wine lover’s dream job! Yeah, I believe so! This is a fantastic place to work in. Oinotria Wine Cellar is beautiful! It’s all wood and so much wine here but I can see that you’ve built a wine community, because you hold many tastings. We’re trying every week, every Thursday to have a wine tasting event.

Also we do some corporate events, we are doing some private parties. Perfect! That’s such a good idea for a party! I mean you know, you could have the best birthday here… I would be in heaven! Also, I’ve noticed that you have a very long table upstairs.

That we use for corporate events, classes of our own.

I don’t know much about business, Tasters, but if I wanted to close a deal I’d organize a wine tasting! Business tips from WineScribble!

What we are doing here, we import our own wines from all over the world . We are trying to find small, family-owned wineries. The quality of the wine is pretty good, actually. It’s not like mass production wines. Do you import directly? Yes. Is rise up the quality of the wine and lowers the, the price of the wine I think this is one of the most important things that distinguishes Oinotria from other wine cellars.


So, Tasters, I think Savvas has helped me find the perfect wine for the Easter lamb roast. If you have enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up! Leave a comment below and let me know what you’ll be pairing with your Easter lamb roast. And if you haven’t done it already, click on the red button and subscribe. Cheers, Tasters! Yes, cheers!

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