Wine Masterclass at Oenou Yi Winery

Oenou Yi and President Nikos Anastasiades

WineScribble meets President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiades and world famous wine expert Dr Dimitris Hadjinicolaou at Oenou Yi Winery in Omodos Village in Limassol. It was quite an afternoon! Enjoy the film 😀

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Video Transcript

An Interview with President Mr Nikos Anastasiades

Tasters! That’s the president of Cyprus! Mr Anastasiades. Could you tell me your favourite Cyprus wine? Which variety do you prefer? Maratheftiko, Xynisteri, Commandaria?

As long as it is good wine. I don’t have a particular preference. And of course there are moments, when zivania is perhaps, one of the best! In order to overcome stress, problems etc.

I agree! I am especially fond of zivania. Thank you very much Mr Anastasiades!

You are welcome!

That was the President! Of The Cyprus Republic! I forgot to ask him to subscribe!

Introduction to Oenou Yi Grand Opening

Hey Tasters! Today is the Grand Opening of Oenou Yi winery in Omodos village. And I have a double invitation! I haven’t just been invited to the Grand Opening event, but also to the exclusive Wine Masterclass, that will be led by none other than Dr. Dimitris Hadjinicolaou, in person!

This gentleman is a legend! He studied Oenology at the University of Bordeaux. Diploma in Advanced Wine Degustation. A Master’s Degree in Viticulture. A PhD in Microbiology. He was granted honorary French citizenship for his contribution to new methods of white wine production! Let me repeat that one more time. French people thought that Dr. Hadjinicolaou knew so much about wine, they had to make him French!

He’s now a consultant in everything. And he writes about wine in newspapers and magazines. He has authored several sold-out books. And he’s on the radio, he’s on TV, and today… Well, today he will appear in a WineScribble episode. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Chatting to the Oenou Yi Oenologist

Tasters! This is Katerina. She is one of three female oenologists on the island of Cyprus. Katerina, this is your big day!

It is! It is! We have the inauguration. We are very happy to have all these people in the winery. Getting to know how we do the wine, seeing our premises, tasting the wine and pretty much having a party here! And with that view! So it’s… it’s awesome!

I have tasted her wines. And, I hope you’re very proud. They are magnificent.

I hope that people like it. I hope they enjoy it and use them to accompany their moments. So yeah, this is what you make wine for!

The Oenou Yi Viticulturist

This is Alexis. Alexis is the viticulturist. He loves the vineyards. He looks after the vineyards. And, he has many favourites amongst the indigenous grapes. And remember that wines begin in the vineyard.

Hello! Welcome to the winery. This winery have 100 hectare of vineyards. The most of them is local variety like Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, Yiannoudi, Morokanella, Promara.

Do you have a favourite variety?

All the local variety for me is the same. I love it! An artist, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you very much. Thank you.

Traditional Cypriot Dancers

OK! So… Say it in English! “I love your show!” Go on!

I love your show. Yes! I love your YouTube channel! All the information we get about wines from your channel. Yes.

Thank you very much! So, tell me, first of all, what are you wearing?

We are wearing our Cypriot traditional uniforms. Because we are here to dance and entertain the guests, demonstrating our tradition.

That’s very exciting. I can’t wait to see that.

What are you holding? This is rose water. OK, let me translate, guys. So, this is rose water. We put it on the hand, as a welcome. This is a way to welcome guests in Cyprus houses. And you just… you put a drop of rose water on their hands. This smells amazing!

Are you a dancer too?


Are you the dancer who’s gonna have all the glasses stacked on your head?

No! I am not. The Marios is…

I’ve just stressed him out. That’s a special dance. We will capture it later. Thank you very much guys!

Meeting Phivos at Oenou Yi!

Look who I’ve run into. This is an old friend. This is Phivos Nikolaides and he’s the Marketing Director at Oinotria Wine Cellar. You do actually have these wines in your shop, right?

Yes, we do. We are here at Oenou Yi Ktima Vassiliades. And we have these wines in our shop. They are amazing! My favourite one is the Maratheftiko. It’s… amazing!

I love it too. In fact, I’m wearing a cherry dress today to honour the Maratheftiko cherries!

Finding out about traditional Grape Crushing

Grape crushing! Look! It’s amazing. This is how grapes used to be crushed. So what are you doing?


We’re gonna do this interview in Greek. Hello, how are you? What are you doing?

We’re very well. Here we are stomping on the grapes…. which releases the juice of the grapes. It will then go over there, to become “soutzoukos” and “palouzes”. Yes.

So, everyone, so they’re crushing the grapes with their feet and if you look in the bucket, that’s the extracted must and this extracted must will be made into two traditional products that are not wine, but they are wine products. Come with me! Let me show you!

Cyprus Soutzoukos and Palouzes

What this is, is a mixture of flour and fresh grape juice, slowly cooked almost like a Bechamel sauce. And you end up with this delightfully, sweet, sticky, delicious Cyprus traditional dessert. It’s amazing. Small pots because there’s about a thousand calories in each one. But who cares? Who’s counting, right?

Guys, these are not candles. She is not dipping candles. This is another traditional Cypriot dessert. The… the sticky must, layer by layer, coating a string of nuts, and then these dry in the sun.

And they are absolutely Gorgeous, and you know what you’d have that with? Zivania! But that’s another video! Stay tuned!

I did it! Look!

Meeting Professor Dimitris Hadjinicolaou

Guys, this is the professor. But I’ll talk to him later.

That’s a very small camera! We can’t see anything…

It’s big in potential. Bye everyone, let’s switch this off now!

Tasters! I finally got to speak to him, and I am so excited! Hello, Mr Hadjinicolaou! I am so delighted you have given me the opportunity to speak to you. And thank you very much for your beautiful presentation.

I thank you for your patience.

It was very pleasant. No patience required. You spoke to us at length about the Cyprus vineyard. I wanted to know which is your favourite Cypriot variety? Does one stand out?

Cypriot Terroir

Coming to Cyprus, I realised there was a historical terroir, a terrific tradition in the production of delectable wines. Especially in Omodos, an impression of high quality wines. Searching for a suitable variety, an overlooked variety, my heart went to Yiannoudi. A variety that from the first vinification this year has produced exceptional wine Without underestimating the king of white grapes, Xynisteri and the prince, Maratheftiko. I am also fond of Yiannoudi. And there aren’t many, perhaps just five in all right now. Its rare and unique character shows a truly heroic nature, that speaks of its Cypriot roots.

Thank you very much. So we can look forward to tasting a Yiannoudi by Oenou Yi winery soon?

Exactly. We have vinified it for the first time this year. We are observing its progress. I believe that this winery here in Omodos is a diamond of civilisation, up to date technology, the scientific team has risen to the occasion privately owned, adequate vineyards, an altitude that is ideal, cutting edge technology all over the winery. Therefore, everyone’s expectations of great Cyprus wine will soon be realised.

We are looking forward to that. Thank you very much.

You are welcome. And I thank you.


Hey Tasters. I have had such a marvellous day. So many amazing experiences! If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Please don’t forget to hit the red button below to subscribe, and I will see you on the next video!

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