Wine Heroes

This section is all about Cyprus Wineries and the people involved in the wine stories in Cyprus.

It is my intention to try and visit every winery and speak to every wine maker in Cyprus (and maybe also Greece). And I want to document each of these visits as a WineScribble video. Each and every one of these visits finds another amazing wine story, and I love to share them with you.

Each link below leads to one of the Wine Video transcript pages, where you can choose to either read about the topic or watch the embedded WineScribble YouTube video. Enjoy!

WineScribble travels to Ktima Gerolemo Winery in Omodos Village in Cyprus to find out more about Morokanella wine. The Ktima Gerolemo (Κτιμα Γερολεμο) Winery has a rich history, and the director of this Cyprus Winery was happy to share some stories of his memories of making wine in Cyprus. WineScribble is also treated to a tasting of the award winning Xynisteri and Morokanella wines, a special Yiannoudi (Giannoudi) wine that is only available at the winery, and also the award winning Ktima Gerolemo Commandaria and Zivania wines.
The history of Commandaria Wine and the importance of Cyprus as the birthplace of Mediterranean Wine. In this video we go to the Cyprus Wine Museum to ask Francis Guy about the historical wine of Cyprus, and we find out a lot more than expected. Did you know that the Order of the Knights of St. John is still alive? Not only still alive, but there is one right here, at the Cyprus Wine Museum. A real live Knight of the Order of St. John. With a cloak, and a sword! Amazing!
Comparing Commadaria St John and Commandaria Alasia to Tsiakkas Winery Commandaria. The Tsiakkas Commandaria is a very unusual Cyprus Commandaria, it is golden in colour and has a very delicate aroma. To find out more about this drink, WineScribble goes on a visit to the Tsiakkas Winery tasting room to meet her friend Orestis Tsiakkas and ask some questions about Commandaria Wine. What is involved in making Commandaria Wine? How do the wine makers measure the sugar and alcohol levels? All of the questions are answered. Enjoy the video.
Tasting Zambartas Wine with Marleen Zambartas! Marleen and I tasted some of the finest bottles of wine produced by Zambartas Wineries. In the winery’s beautiful tasting room we shared some of the Zambartas single vineyard aromatic Xynisteri white whine, followed by their fruity Zambartas Rosé wine and their bold, powerful Maratheftiko red wine. We discuss these three beautiful Cyprus wines and potential food and wine pairing suggestions.
It is time for the first day of the Zambartas Harvest 2018! How can this be? It is mid-July! Watch WineScribble explore the Zambartas Winery vineyards with host Marleen Zambartas. And find out all about the winery’s new project. Zambartas Winery Cyprus is known for making Cyprus wine that tastes truly spectacular. A leading winery in Cyprus, it is located at the heart of the Wine Villages of Limassol, on one of the most exciting Cyprus wine tours.
Vassiliades Ekfraseis Winery makes Cyprus Wine and is based in Chandria Village in Cyprus (Οινοποιείο Εκφράσεις Βασιλειάδ in Greek). At an altitude of 1230m we had an ear-popping day at the winery, visiting Christos Vassiliades and his tasting room, and walking through his vineyard and his vines. It was a great visit, and stick around for the end of the video where we taste and rate three special bottles of wine. A Xynisteri white wine, a Mavro rosé wine and a summery red Mavro.
We went to the open day at the Tsiakkas Winery in Cyprus, on the Pitsilia Cyprus Wine Route. We tasted award winning Cyprus wine, commadaria and zivania. We also found a story of the amazing Tsiakkas Wine family, filled with the drama of a hailstorm in June in Cyprus and the inspirational tale of preparing for the future of boutique Cypriot winemaking. Alongside international grapes such as the Tsiakkas Sauvignon Blanc, we tasted local varietals Xynisteri, Vamvakada, Maratheftiko and Yiannoudin.