Wine for Picnics? Discover why Rosé Wine is best

Wine for a Picnic! WineScribble goes hiking in the Cyprus Wine Routes

What is the best wine for picnics? Rosé wine, of course! Theoni Dry Rosé wine from Santa Irene Winery in Cyprus pairs beautifully with picnic food. WineScribble has got her wine picnic backpack and is exploring both the Limassol Cyprus wine routes and the art of choosing a wine for a picnic. Stick around to find out what food is in the wine backpack – you will be surprised by item number three!

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Video Transcript

Hey Tasters! This is Annabelle McVine. WineScribble is on holiday. We are in the mountains. We’re at the heart of the wine routes of Limassol in Cyprus. Right now we’re exploring a nature trail and we have decided to stop for a picnic. Join us!

The Picnic Food

I never serve anything without a salad and Greek salad is my favourite. You can serve it as an accompaniment to just about anything and you can have it on its own. It’s refreshing with bell peppers, with tomatoes, with refreshing cucumber and lettuce. I absolutely love it in the summer with olive oil and lemon vinaigrette.

My friend loves sandwiches and this is his favourite, smoked turkey and cream cheese. Very filling. This is on a whole-grain ciabatta bread I love this little chopping board, it’s so cute.

My favourite snack is a Cypriot delicacy. It’s called Koupes. You may have heard of it called Keepe. It’s very popular across the eastern Mediterranean every country has its own version. Spiced mincemeat with cumin, a touch of cinnamon, allspice, lots of onions encased in bulgur wheat pastry, and deep fried to crispy perfection. It’s amazing! I love to have it with a spritz of lemon.

Choosing a wine for picnics

So which wine pairs best with such a wide array of dishes? You have a salad, a lemony salad. You have a cream cheese and turkey sandwich. Also you have a Middle Eastern snack. There’s only one wine, one type of wine for picnics that can cover this wide array of dishes, and that is rosé. My favourite rosé at this time of year is Theoni by Santa Irene. it’s made of mavro ambelisimo grape from vines that are a hundred years old. It has aromas of strawberry and grapefruit, pink grapefruit, citrus and the alcohol level is 14%.

It is quite a full-bodied rosé wine that will keep both red wine lovers and white wine lovers happy. And it has a range it’s very food friendly and it will it will match every single thing on your picnic blanket.

Home again! Time for more wine!

Hey Tasters! We’re back at the stone cottage we are renting after a two-hour trek all the way to the Millomeri Waterfalls. I am exhausted but happy! I think there’s half a bottle left of this gorgeous wine and one more glass is the perfect way to end a perfect day outdoors.

Look at this gorgeous burlesque pink rhinestone colour. It’s outrageous, the perfect wine for picnics!

The bottle has been open for two hours now and all the fruit is rushing forward. I can smell raspberries now as well as strawberries. The flavours have melted together they’ve mellowed right down. I can also smell forest floor but that might be my clothes!

Tasters, if you’re not the type to look at the world through rose-tinted spectacles I have a quick hack for you. Rosé tinted spectacles. It works every time!

Tasters, remember! Those who drink get drunk, those who taste feel sublime! I’ll see you on the next video.

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