Wine Basics

In this section we have some video presentations about Wine Basics, which are questions that WineScribble has been asked by people online, such as ‘how to choose wine’.

Feel free to contact WineScribble to ask a question, and we will try and answer the questions in our videos.

Each link below leads to one of the Wine Video transcript pages, where you can choose to either read about the topic or watch the embedded WineScribble YouTube video. Enjoy!

Know how to order wine in a restaurant? Annabelle is asked to meet her friend and offer some guidance on the process. But, in true WineScribble style, the wine story gets very exciting. Find out about the wine selection, the restaurant table service, what to do when you are given the cork, and how to test for wine flaws in the restaurant. Also, what should you actually do with that first small pour? The first smell and sip in the restaurant can make all the difference to your wine tasting experience. Find out how to taste wine in a restaurant, and enjoy the presentation!
How to choose wine? We get asked all the time on Social Media ‘How do you choose a bottle of wine’, so in this video WineScribble shares her secret wine tips on making a decision on a bottle shape and also a bottle label. The wine manufacturer has embedded clues for you in their choice of wine bottle shapes and also in their wine label design.
Wine Bottle Dimple! What is that concave dimple at the bottom of your wine bottle for? What is it called? Where did it come from? And why don’t they just make bottles flat? The wine bottle dimple is Annabelle’s topic for today. To find out all about the wine bottle punt, watch now. And stick around for Annabelle McVine’s bonus wine trivia at the end of the show about wine bottle punt quality.
Why do wines have corks? And, are screw cap wines inferior to wines with corks? In today’s video Annabelle McVine discusses screw top wine and wine cork to answer this viewer question. The humble wine screw cap has been the cause of much debate over the years. And everyone loves a wine bottle with cork. But, are there any downsides to wine cork? And what are wine corks made of? WineScribble explores the wine cork tree.