Amazing Gewürztraminer Wine and Food Pairing

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Today, Annabelle proposes an unusual Gewurztraminer food pairing: Gewurztraminer wine and the Eastern Mediterranean dessert baklava. Does the pairing work? The distinct Gewurztraminer taste marries perfectly with this exotic dessert. Watch the video to find out why! And stick around until the end to discover the secret to pairing white aromatic wines such as this Gewurztraminer white wine, with food!

Video Transcript: Amazing Gewürztraminer Wine and Food Pairing

What food pairs with Gewürztraminer white wine?

Today we are pairing a dry Gewürztraminer wine from the Trentino-Alto Adige, in Italy, with baklava, the most popular traditional dessert in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is a Gewürztraminer food pairing you cannot afford to ignore! And make sure you stick around until the end for my top tip on how to pair aromatic white wine with food.

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The Dessert

So first, let’s look at our delicious dessert, baklava.

Layers of crispy, butter-coated phyllo dough encase a mixture of chopped nuts. The nuts are blended with sugar and cinnamon, and then moistened with a few drops of rose petal water. Once baked crisp, the hot baklava is submerged in lemon-scented honey-syrup and left overnight to marinate. I know I am stating the obvious, but this dessert is sensational! I have left a link to my favourite recipe in the description below.

Pairing Gewürztraminer and Baklava

Let’s now discuss food pairing with a highly aromatic white wine.

This Italian Gewürztraminer wine is overflowing with fruit. I primarily taste tropical fruit such as lychee, mango and pineapple. Hints of fragrant garden fruit such as quince and pear are present too. This wine is also awash with the sweet aromas of rose petals and honeysuckle and I can detect a touch of cinnamon too. All these flavours are echoed and amplified in baklava. The acidity in this wine is rather reserved but it is balanced with a firm minerality to round off all the sweet fruity and floral aromas.

This pairing is a little unexpected, like a marriage between Prince Charming and Scheherazade from Arabian Nights. But it is a match made in heaven. And these two won’t be getting bored with each other any time soon.
If you want to learn more about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary aromas in wine, check out our quick overviews on And for another food pairing between a cool, chic white wine and Mediterranean deliciousness, check out our video comparing Sancerre and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with crispy Calamari. I have left all the links in the Description below.

Secret Tip: Gewürztraminer Food Pairing

And now, here is my secret to successfully pairing Gewürztraminer wines with food: be audacious. Drunk alone as an aperitif, these highly aromatic wines may appear delicate. But when invited to flirt with food, aromatic white wines seek intensity and like to play games best described as bold. They pair best with Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisines precisely for this reason. These vibrant cuisines are also rather bold. They keep our palates alert with unexpected sweet spices, nuts and fruity sauces. Look for either a contrast between the wine aromas and the aromas of the dish; or look for a common thread. Remember, as with all things classed as ‘bold’ and ‘forward’, you won’t know if you like it or not, until you try it.

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Video Description: Amazing Gewürztraminer Wine and Food Pairing

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