Domaine Costa Lazaridi – Tasting Greek Wines

Domaine Costa Lazaridi Wine Tasting

George Lazaridi from Domaine Costa Lazaridi is the star of the show today. We have three beautiful Greek Wines to taste. An Assyrtiko – Sauvignon Blanc blend, a Greek Merlot Rosé, and a beautiful Chateau Julia Merlot from Greek vines. WineScribble interviews Mr Lazaridi to get the story of the wines, and stay tuned for the June, July and August wine plan. Enjoy the video!

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Video Transcript

Hey Tasters! This is Annabelle McVine for WineScribble. We are in Cavaway in Livadia, and I feel so lucky today because I have here an oenologist from Greece. Domaine Lazaridi, Domaine Costas Lazaridi.

History of Domaine Costa Lazaridi

I’m George Lazaridis, me and my brother Gerasimos are the second generation of the winery. My father began by planting in 1979 the first linear vineyards in Drama of Greece. Then in 1992 in Adriani of Drama he created the winery and today cultivates 280 hectares of vineyards. There we have 25 different varieties both experimental and to produce our 15 different wines.

Four different families, the Amethystos family we have Chateau Julia we have the Domaine Costa Lazaridi and then finally we have the Oenotria Land where we have a winery in Athens where we cultivate organically. We also produced distillates Tsipouro, Ouzo and Eau de Vie.

Other than wine and distillates, we also have the balsamic vinegar…

Yes! That’s quite a range of products, that’s really exciting! So, if you love wine, if you love grape products, this man is your man!

Tasting Domaine Costa Lazaridi White Wine

Okay! So, what are we tasting today?

Amethystos white which is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and and Assyrtiko. We have 85 percent of Sauvignon Blanc and 15 percent of Assyrtiko. This blend is a blend that it has started in Drama. And now in Greece, it’s probably one of the most popular blends in the market.

I’m very excited I can’t wait to taste this! Cheers! This is really bright! Very aromatic! The way these two grapes come together! And I’ve never actually had this, this blend before. I really want a fish meze!

Yes, yes! It’s a very nice combination, the international variety Sauvignon Blanc and the Greek variety Assyrtiko that comes from Santorini, I think they are a very good match. I totally agree with you, this is absolutely lovely! Summer wine!

A Rosé from Domaine Costa Lazaridi

For the next wine we chose our Rosé. Domaine Costa Lazaridi Merlot. It’s a rosé in Provence style, which is very popular now in Greece. We started producing this wine in 2014. And it has been a great success so far.

And this is a different stopper, it’s not cork.

Yes, it’s not cork. It’s a glass stopper. It keeps the wine quite fresh. It’s a very nice decoration, due to the bottle. And a lot of consumers prefer this kind of stopper.

Tasters, this is incredible. I have never seen this colour in a Greek rosé before.

The traditional way to produce rosé in Greece was with some extraction before the fermentation. With this rosé it’s more delicate more, more light to drink, easier to drink, more suited I think for our kind of climate in Greece.

This is a beautiful wine, very light. I can see why you compare it to Provence rosé. This is delicate, it’s aromatic but it’s not overbearing. What would you pair this with?

Fish with some light salad, as well with some very light tomato sauce, and some pasta maybe. And it’s so, so easy to drink.

I think, I think I would enjoy this on its own as well, with light nibbles like finger food.

Chateau Julia from Domaine Costa Lazaridi

Here we have Chateau Julia Merlot 2016.

I love Merlot, it’s so fruity! Usually very soft round tannins, lots of fun to drink!

100% Merlot. We have 12 months aged in oak. This is a Merlot that comes from a hot region, so we have some ripe red fruits. We have a full body, light, round tannins.

I think it’s a very round and well balanced red wine. I love the colour like a jewel, like a ruby, very dark ruby.

Beautiful ripe fruits, red cherries and plums and it’s a heavy Merlot and I think it’s very well paired with some red meat, some heavy spicy sauces and also maybe with some strong cheese.

I would love this with a steak! All of these wines are incredible, I have enjoyed all of them very, very much and I can see how especially in the summer, I would love this beautiful blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko, and I have never tasted a more delicate and aromatic rosé from Greece. This is exquisite! And the red wine, absolutely gorgeous. Delicious depth, fruit, but without abrasive tannins. Very easy going! You can have it on its own, you can have it with cheese, you can pair it with meat! Incredible flexibility! Congratulations! These wines are beautiful!

Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to have you here.


So there you go, Tasters! This is my plan for the summer I’m completely covered! June, July, August! If you’ve enjoyed this video Tasters, give it a thumbs-up! Press the red button to subscribe, Share it with your friends, because they need to know about these wines. And I’ll see you on the next video!

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Domaine Costa Lazaridi Wine Tasting

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