Cyprus Oenophile Club

Cyprus Oenophile Club

The Cyprus Oenophile Club have invited WineScribble to a Bubbly Wine Brunch in Limassol. Meet Mrs Yiannoula who tells us all about the Winelovers of Cyprus. Enjoy the film.

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Video Transcript

It doesn’t matter how often I do this. It always startles me!

Good morning, Tasters! I’m in La Isla, a bar and restaurant by the sea, in Limassol. Today, I have been invited by the Cyprus Oenophile Association for brunch! Bubbly wine brunch! Every Sunday should be like this! Let me show you around!

An Interview with the Secretary of the Cyprus Oenophile Club

I am in a wonderful bar, La Isla by the sea, in Limassol, and I am with Mrs Yiannoula Vassiliadou who is the secretary of the Cyprus Oenophile Association Mrs Yiannoula, tell me more about the association.

Of course. The association was founded in 1998 and right now has 1050 registered members! Our active members are 400. The goals of our association are establishing a wine culture amongst our members and the general public as well as the promotion of Cyprus wine In order to become a member of the association one must fill in an application form, which will be submitted to the committee for approval. Along with the form they must pay 10 euro as a registration fee and then 30 Euro per annum as a contribution.

Just 30 Euro a year? That’s amazing!

The Cyprus Oenophile Association Qualifications

In order to achieve the goals of our association, we organise many events. Such as lunches, wine tastings, presentations, lectures. We also organise a series of seminars relating to wine knowledge and wine tasting. The club have now completed two rounds of lessons And on the 13th of this month, there will be an examination for the qualification of Wine Connoisseur. So, we have, in other words, certified these seminars through CCC, the Cyprus Certification Company. Through these lessons, a total of 70 wine lovers have earned the title of Wine Connoisseur.

Perfect! Tell me more about today’s event!

Today’s event is at La Isla. It is a marvellous location right by the sea. We are having brunch accompanied by sparkling wine. A beautiful event.

I want every Sunday to start like this.

We would all love that!

The Cyprus Oenophile Club Excursions

I would like to add one more thing. Our association organises wine trips around Cyprus and abroad. This year we are going to France!


Yes, in France! To the regions of Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, Chablis, Sancerre. Available places have nearly run out. Not nearly run out. The places we had originally planned for, have completely run out.

Do you organise trips often?

We organise a trip abroad every year. And, we have visited many countries. Many wine producing regions of Greece. Northern Greece, Nemea, Arcadia. Many wine regions of Greece. Beyond Greece, however, we have visited regions in Spain, Rioja. Also Tuscany. Also, we visited the Champagne region once before. Germany, we have also visited. We have even travelled to South Africa.

Guys, this is amazing! We should all become members.

It’s entirely in your power.

That’s correct. I will take care of this matter by the end of today’s event.

Thank you very much, Mrs Yiannoula.

I thank you.

Hey Tasters! I have just come back from bubbly wine and brunch with the Cyprus Oenophile Club. I have got myself one of these… This is the application form to become a member of the Cyprus Oenophile Association. And now, I can’t wait to fill it in!

Now listen, Tasters! This is one of my local wine clubs. There will be many wine clubs where you live, and all I want to do is urge you to please join at least one of them, maybe several of them. Wine is your passion! Wine brings people together. And you need other wine lovers to share wine with because wine is about love and communication thinking together, laughing together, learning together.

Join wine clubs. Join them on trips. Let them take care of all the logistics. And travel to wineries, travel to wine producing regions, learn more about wine. Because you can learn more with other wine lovers, than you ever can by yourself.

Filling the Form

Tasters! It’s time to fill in this form and I think I need another glass of bubbly! This glass is empty. Let’s fix that! Remember, guys! Hold the cork… and twist the bottle! I can’t do it! It doesn’t matter how often I do this, it always startles me! This is lovely! I’m going to fill in this form and as soon as the registration procedure is over, I will officially be a member of the Cyprus Oenophile Association.


This is an important moment in my life. I need to do this in style. That’s more like it! Tasters!


If you’ve enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs-up. Make sure you leave a comment below. Click on the red button to subscribe. And… join a wine club near you, as soon as possible! Cheers! I will see you on the next video!

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