About WineScribble – The YouTube Wine Show

What is WineScribble?

WineScribble is entertainment. Vlog format videos and story-telling with the theme of wine.

WineScribble is a personal project documenting both my journey into the world of wine, and my development as an amateur film-maker. WineScribble was originally supposed to be a WordPress website. A wine tasting notes blog, maybe with a few bits of well-researched background information on wine storage, wine aromas, and wine facts. However, when I took a look at everything else in the space, I realised that I couldn’t find the kind of wine videos that I would enjoy. So I decided to start making my own Wine Show, the kind of Wine Show that I wanted to watch. Rich story telling, great videography, and a focus on quality of both the cinematography and the story weaving. Something that reflects the richness of wine as an experience.

Where do you live? Where are you from?

I come from Cyprus and this is where I currently live. My partner is English and we live together in Cyprus. I have also lived in the UK in the past.

Why are the WineScribble wine videos so unique?

Before we started to make videos, we watched maybe 200 other wine videos on YouTube. We realised that wine videos, in comparison to other YouTube vlogging genres, tended to be behind the curve. They had a more traditional format of a straight shoot and almost no editing. Further, the script mainly dealt with a straightforward academic question relating to wine. No attempt was made to place the question within an engaging narrative context or to deliver the answer to the question in a way that was entertaining as well as factual.

So, for our self-taught lessons, we went straight to the top of the vlogging genre. At the time we started the project Casey Neistat was the number one YouTube vlogger, with 10 million subscribers. We studied his technique: clean cuts, fast edits, engaging story telling (usually in a 3 act structure). Then we started to build our own style. By this point in time, we have worked out our own unique video approach: plenty of b-roll to provide context, great music, and the WineScribble story weaving. The feedback so far has been superb!

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